Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Here are some photos from early Oct up at SFU. It was so warm and beautiful that we spent many days going for walks, bike riding and playing in the yard. Its hard to believe that 6 weeks later we are walking around in snow! I cannot believe how fast the Fall has flown by. Thanksgiving on Quadra Island with the entire family and then Halloween on campus. Life is truly great but there is not alot of room for any down time which isn't too healthy! The kids have taken turns getting really sick. Last weekend it was Jonas and now it is Karina. At the moment I am feeling very frustrated with the many things pressing on me and not having the ability to get anything done. It is 4 PM and I am still in pajamas with a sick child and trying desperately to 'catch up' on a week of unanswered emails and a million other things. Perhaps we are too ambitious to have so much going on in our lives. But then again maybe another day I will feel on top of the world again for this is truly a very tough moment. Baby crying and must get back to her....more pictures another time.

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Surprised Suburban Wife said...

Lovely to catch up here with you again! And don't I ever miss those beautiful October days on a Monday like today:(