Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Months

Time, as always, has flown by. No longer a baby, but a toddling toddler, Karina is on the brink of walking. She stands on her own and shuffles from our arms to the couch to the chairs. She is such a joy to have around. I love having both a boy and girl - such a balance of energies! Karina has this beautiful voice that we all really enjoy when she hums and sings. The only 'class' we have really stayed with over the past 2.5 years has been the Music Together program. Its really fun for all of us and the CD's we receive are quite good. Its right here at our UniverCity community on Burnaby Mnt and we gather with 10 other families with kids between the ages of a few months to 4 years old and we sing, dance and play instruments. We have had the same teacher since the beginning and we just love her. Jonas is beginning to lose interest but Karina LOVES the class. She is so vocal whereas Jonas was much more into the instruments and movements.

We night weaned Karina a month ago and she easily began sleeping through the night consistently. It was such a necessary change for all of us and we all benefit ted with the extra sleep and energy. But then the kids got colds and Karina had a cough and 2 more teeth popped out and I chose to nurse Karina throughout the night because she had began waking up again. There was no way I was going to deny her the comfort and nutrients she so badly needed during those weeks. Her food intake almost totally ceased so we got into a new routine of frequent nursings. So now we are back at square one and she wakes up all night to nurse. Of course I knew this would happen but its all part of being a mother with a young toddler and for me this is what is right. I also know that there are always so many set backs and I am sure this sleep regression will happen again and again. Mothering takes time and all too quickly Karina will be in her own room and no longer so close to us. It all happens so fast and I am holding close this precious time with Karina because this precious time changes far too quickly.

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