Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sweet Rain.

We've had so much rain this spring that I am no longer planning my days with the kids according to weather. Now we just go outside in the rain. Not that we were ever adverse to it anyway, but Check Spellingnow we are going for it with more gusto. Yesterday we went for a nice walk in the afternoon while Karina slept in the BOB beneath the weather shield. It poured. This afternoon we walked along the boardwalk at Westminster Quay. It rained lightly, but it was not cold, it was nice. This evening I took the kids over to the soccer field. We had a ray of sunlight. Karina had her walker, Jonas had his soccer ball and we were all wearing hats, fleece jackets and the kids had their thick pants on and I had my long shorts. It was so much fun, we kicked off our shoes and then it began to rain and we played out there for another 30 minutes. It didn't faze the kids and it felt so good on my bare feet. I have decided that this is the summer of bare feet and from what I have been reading, Jonas's feet will get stronger and begin to build an arch.

Jonas has never really been into movies until recently. His favourites are CARS, A Bug's Life and Up. He has seen mostly all of the IMAX films at Science World. Recently I borrowed Jordie's DVD with a bunch of old school Walt Disney films which I thought Jonas might enjoy. After I put Karina to bed last night we watched Bambi together. Seriously, I was so stoked to watch it again. Talk about reliving my childhood! I used to have the record of BAMBI and listened to it many times. Nothing compares to these old cartoons with the incredible scores - the music is so powerful! I swear, Jonas had a huge smile throughout the entire Bambi movie. He was enthralled. It was a late night but very sweet and memorable. This is what makes being a mom so awesome. These little moments.

Jordan will be back from Haida Gwaii in a week. Jonas wants to make a cake to celebrate him coming home. Last year he wanted to make a cake when Jordan was in a baseball tournament - he really wants to make the same one for his dad. We have all been on Skype a few times together which gets the kids super excited - but the connection is bad so we don't spend too much time on there. Of course I am a little jealous that Jordan gets to be away in the adult world, but I must say I have appreciated this time with the kids and on my own. Jonas had a great time on the Island with his family. I feel more confident to be solo with the kids which is important for me. I find I am out socially abit more without Jordan around, so it has been satisfying that way. Our nanny had to work for someone else for the past week which has worked out just fine. I will move along with my course work once Jordan gets back and we are in a different routine again. Flying solo is indeed tough and if I had to do so, I would be fine, but I would not get as much accomplished for myself and would simply remain in a state of basic survival while the kids were young.

I recently found out that I would probably not be granted hospital privileges if I were to become a midwife who lived on a remote island. It was quite the shock. I still need more information, but it was a huge blow for me that forced me to look even deeper into my career and the choices I am making and their impact on myself and my family. I feel as if I have been offered so much choice in life, so much freedom and I am fortunate enough to really be able to delve deeply into what is working for me and this most gratifying life path. I feel fortunate enough to know that a granite counter top won't do it for me nor will any other material wealth which enslaves me to work, life or debt. What I do know is I love family, adventure, quality friends, travel, academia/education, volunteer work, simplicity, freedom, nature and the unknown. I feel fortunate in my freedom to choose the life I have always loved, to make clear decisions that have lead me on this path where I find myself fullfilled to the core. With all that I am interested in, what I hold dear and knowing what I can do without, I find myself closer to the work I am most passionate about. And life continues to unfold...

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