Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come on Sun!

I think its time we get a good stretch of pure sun. We have had little glimpses here and there for so long now; I am wanting a week, minimum, right now!

Now that I am able to spend two days a week on my course work and really focus on getting more clients, I feel more balanced. When I can be home with the kids, then work a little and do schoolwork, life is good! It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is for me.

Karina just got another tooth. She has been so sore for a while now. She has been eating alot of frozen berries which seem to be giving her the most relief. We went out yesterday to get her a new sleep sack and then over to the North Vancouver MEC and then to a farm market - every time we left a store she yelled out a huge Baaayyyy with a big wave which left many people laughing. It was so cute. She is really good with the B words. She has also begun drawing which is fun to watch - she loves Jonas's magnetic drawing board. She is also totally obsessed with her Baby Boo book which Jonas also loved. She tries to get me to read it over and over again and is so upset when I stop. If I put the book away, she will go and get it off the shelf. I am trying to think of all the sweet little moments we have each day. She loves the palm of her hand tickled and she will often do it herself. She is also very curious about her mouth and nose and I will often find her with her hand in her mouth, almost gagging as she tries to grab her tongue or she will have her finger deep in her nose. Jonas never did this - but she is definitely more of an explorer than Jonas at this age. Oh and before I forget, the sweetest thing she does while I read Baby Boo, is when I say 'Kiss Kiss, I love you', she kisses the palm of her hand and blows me a kiss. Where did she learn this? And then I remembered that her Grandma Janet taught her how to blow kisses a few weeks ago, but I didn't know she had learned to do it herself or that she would even remember! But here she is, blowing me her sweet little kisses!!!!

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