Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just the Girls!

Jordan is now off in Haida Gwaii for 3 weeks assisting with a graduate forestry course. He went two years ago as a student in the class. Jonas went over to the Island with Grandma J and Opa after the Easter weekend. They came to celebrate with us, though much of the time was quite stressful due to abit of a family crisis from afar. Now things have settled somewhat and Jonas is totally excited to be on the Island. He loves it so much over there and he loves being with his family. Its just Karina and I and life has become quiet and easy. I am used to more action and it almost seems a little too mellow at the moment. Will be happy to have Jonas come home in a few days and of course his dad in a couple of weeks.

Spring has been rainy with abit of sun but quite cool. I really begin to miss the Island and our house in the spring. Nothing compares to Island living in the summer. We have a garden that's the size of our current apartment. Its surrounded by fishnet and driftwood fence and inside there are blueberry bushes, herbs, places for veggies, raspberries and a strawberry patch. I spent a lot of time trying to make the soil as rich as possible. I must say I do love it up here on Burnaby Mnt as well - surrounded by forest and wicked views of the ocean and Mnts - I love running along the forest around the university, the views are stunning. I actually feel quite torn between our 2 homes. On the one hand we have a great community here in Vancouver. Lots of friends, lots in common. Lots to do, stimulating. We walk everywhere which feels really good. Living in such close proximity to people and having such a small space to live does have many positive attributes such as lots of interaction with other adults which is nice when you have small children. Its never any effort at all to go for a visit, share tea, borrow something etc.. We often go to Science World, Aquarium, Lonsdale Quay etc... We have also been doing alot of bike riding on the top of our mountain. Karina likes riding behind me on my bike and watching her brother on the back of her dads bike. Eventually we will be leaving campus which all depends on where I start fulltime school. Whether I am at UBC or in Washington, we will move to a bigger place as close to my school as possible. With Jordan doing his PhD, we can be flexible and live anywhere.

As several friends in our community are nearing graduation, the question of where to move, where to work is an all too often topic of conversation. If I let myself think about it too much I start feeling a little stressed as to where I will get in and where we will be living next year. This particular conversation is an old one and what I really need to do is put these thoughts away and move on until I actually do know where we are headed.


Eva said...

Isn't it amazing how EASY a baby seems compared to a preschooler + a baby!

VBenner said...

exactly! But for me, nothing was harder than having a first baby! I love having 2 little munchkins!